Therapy pets welcome. We have a treatment room available for you and your working companion.  We have a special fuzzy of our own too.

Prenatal, Senior Care and Special Care Clients

​Many of our clients are families. We work to  assist all ages with their wellness and healing.

Massage Therapy - Our Office or Your Home. Corporate Chair Massage Therapy. 

Our Clients Receive the BEST in Therapeutic Care with, hands-down, the BEST Price! 

Aromatherapy and Chinese Herbals. Soothing, relaxing, invigorating, supportive. For many, scents may aid in the healing process. 


7 Days a Week, By Appointment, Morning, Afternoon and Eves.   "Your Partners In Wellness"                               Call 888.451.3339

Heat - natural vasodilation -the widening of blood vessels that results from relaxation of the walls of the vessels, enabling our work to sink deep into the places you need it. 

Tools of

The Trade

Depending on your therapist and their sense of your needs and your requests for your session, different tools may be incorporated in your time, at no additional charge.

Since 2010, AZTA has been providing exceptional service to our corporate and private clients. Find out what so many already know - AZTA therapists are licensed, skilled, caring, professional and reliable!

Athletes/Fitness Enthusiasts

​We work with Trainers, Physical Therapists. Doctors and Surgeons throughout the Valley to make certain your treatments are focused on your areas of strain and recovery.

We're very excited to bring EQUINE MASSAGE to our list of skills and experience!

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Arcadia-Kachina Neighborhood

​Vicinity of 44th Street and Camelback

Proven Modalities

We believe in the body sciences. Although your session may include feel-goods like aromatherapies and energy balancing, we work with muscles and bones to bring you the relief and strength you seek.